Here is How to Save Electricity While Using 1 Ton AC

Summers in tropical countries can put the consumers in quite a predicament. Having a working 1-ton air conditioner can easily add up to Rs. 2,000 on your monthly electricity bills. But you don’t always have to pay a price for the comfort you enjoy. There are a number of ways in which you can save power while operating an AC.

How to save electricity with a 1 ton AC?

A 1 ton AC price is quite nominal, and with their ability to cool down 100 to 120 square foot rooms, they are immensely popular. Here are some ways to enjoy the perks of owning an efficient air conditioner while saving electricity at the same time.

Set 24°C as the default temperature

BEE, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, advocated for the AC manufacturers to keep default temperature at 24°C, instead of 18°C. This means that it might take a few extra seconds to cool your room down, but it can actually help you save quite a significant amount on your electricity bills.

Pair your AC with a fan

A warm room often convinces the user to put their AC on 18°C for quick cooling. But if you switch on your ceiling fan, it helps circulate the cool air much faster than usual. After about 5 to 7 minutes of switching on the fan, you will find that your room is cooler and at the same time, you won’t have to reduce the AC’s temperature settings.

Limit heat production inside the house

Sometimes, the heat from external sources like electronic devices add to the ambience of your room, and the temperature of your room goes up even higher. This can also happen if you live in an extremely sunny place where the sun rays fall directly into your room. This can further raise the temperature of your room, and thus, your AC will also have to be switched on for long periods to bring the temperature of your room down to the optimum levels. Hence, the more naturally cool your room is, the more pocket-friendly your electricity bill will be. You can use exhausts, curtains and home plants to keep your place naturally cool.

Keep doors and windows closed

People tend to forget to seal their doors and windows while they have their ACs on. This is one of the biggest reasons why people’s electricity bills go haywire. If you correctly restrict the regulation of the cool air from your AC, it will perform faster and more efficiently.

Switch on and switch off on time

Oftentimes, our laziness and carelessness is what costs us. A lot of people still keep the AC switched on even after the AC has done its work. Research has proved that switching off your AC on time can actually decrease your electricity costs by a noticeable margin.

Clean and replace your filter

Regular servicing of your AC’s vents and dust filters can get rid of all the dust that accumulates in your AC. If that is not taken care of, your AC might overwork, thus amping up the numbers on your electricity bills.

Purchase a dehumidifier

For a country as humid as India, your air conditioner might work extra hard to bring down the humidity levels of your room. A separate dehumidifier, on the other hand, can do that work by itself so that your AC does not have to work overtime.

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