Career Options after 12th in Indian Railways

Indian Railways Jobs

Indian Railways is one of the prestigious fields with many opportunities and vacancies every year. Each year there is a minimum of lakhs vacancies in different departments and profiles. If you are a railway job aspirant and want to apply for Indian Railway Job, then go through the eligibility criteria which is very important. Also, have a look at the job profile and salary in detail. If you are satisfied with the job profile and fulfill the eligibility criteria, then apply for the post.

There are railway jobs available for various educational qualifications. If you have passed 12th and willing to apply for Railway Exams, then they’re a lot of options. Aspirants can apply for Indian Railways Exams like Goods Guard, Ticket Collector, Travelling Ticket Examiner. Assistant Station Master, and many more. Most of the After 12th posts are categorized under RRB NTPC. As the exam is approaching nearby, attempt RRB NTPC Mock Test to be exam ready and score more marks.

Career Options After 12th in Indian Railways

There are various posts offered after 12th in the Indian Railways department. Know about the eligibility criteria, salary, and job profile and then continue with the application process. Try to know in-depth about the job and then begin your preparations. There are various ways of preparing for the railway’s exam. Install the RRB Preparation App to get instant preparation tips and tricks to crack the exam. Without the need for offline tutorials, learn the topics and concepts from experts through the apps. Following are the various categories under RRB NTPC.

1. Lower Division Clerk

In Railways, the Lower Division Clerk needs to maintain the files and documents in a systematic manner in the office. This is usually the first level of clerks in the Indian Railways. An average salary of LDC in Railways Rs 5,200 – Rs 20,000 PM.

2. Railway Ticket Collector

The Ticket Collector is an authorized person who charges a penalty for passengers travelling on the train without tickets. An average salary of RRB TC varies between Rs 3050 – Rs 4590 PM. This is the starting salary for newly joined and it will increase depending on the performance.

3. Station Master

The Railway Station Master takes care of train movements across their station, punctuality, and without any extra detention. There are usually 4 station masters working in shifts. The Station Master also ensures the safety of passengers and the smooth running of trains. The basic salary of RRB Station Master starts from Rs 35,400 PM.

4. Railway Constable

The Railay Police Force maintains peace and protect the passengers. Also, they ensure to protect railway properties. An average salary of the RRB RPF Constable ranged between Rs 5200 – Rs 20,000/- PM.

5. RRB Loco Pilot

The Loco Pilot assists the Loco Driver with the fine-tuning of locomotives. The Loco Pilot repairs minor issues in the locomotive and also identifies defects in the tracks and reports them. The salary of a Loco Pilot varies between Rs 19,000/- to Rs 35,000/- PM.

6. Goods Guard

The Railway Goods Guards ensure the proper working of all the brakes and emergency brakes. He also ensures the wagons are properly attached to each other. The basic pay of the Railway goods Guard starts from Rs 29,200/- PM.

7. Railway Driver

The drivers are very important as they ensure the smooth travel of trains from one starting point to the destination. The average salary of Railway Driver starts from Rs 33,000/- PM.

8. Railway Clerk

The Railway Clerk or Train Numbering Clerk is responsible for checking the number of wagons and coaches in the railway yard. He also prepares documents like Vehicle Guidance(VG). The average salary of Railway Clerk ranges from Rs 5200 – Rs 20200/- PM.

Final Words

There are numerous aspirants who have passed 12th and willing to join the Indian Railways. So, in that case, applying to any of these above-explained posts can result in reaching your desired goals. Ensure to go through the job profile carefully and apply to your desired post. Also, start preparing well in advance in order to score marks in the examination.

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