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Mayur Rele experienced in leadership positions working with investment banking, ecommerce and technology Services. He as an entrepreneur manages cybersecurity solutions, IT managed services, staff augmentation brings innovative ideas to the business, and has a natural ability for building client trust and entrepreneur spirit to all business opportunities in different sector explores important cybersecurity certifications

The global security market is booming with no sign of slowing down. Many organizations, government agencies are aggressively investing in cybersecurity in order to protect their operations. This comes with the rise in demand for professionals as they have become vital in today’s digitalized world. They are constantly involved in protecting and defending apps, systems, security, information, infrastructure, devices, and even people from attacks. Hence, being a cybersecurity expert can be fun and highly rewarding. However, to gain a foothold and be appealing in this field, cybersecurity certifications have become a thing of necessity rather than an option. There are some that are required to help you kickstart your career while some while helps you climb the success ladder in no time. Read on as Mayur Rele, a cybersecurity specialist walks you through the key certifications to consider.

There are various vendors, professional organizations, and firms offering courses and training to those in the field. Moreover, there are various certifications and some prove to be more valuable and appealing in the market than others. Therefore, it is important to research on the reputation, quality, and recognition of any program before taking it up, says Mayur Rele.

CompTIA Network+

It is one of the first certifications any IT professionals new to cybersecurity technology should earn.  Regarded as general vendor-neutral certification, it is one of the most recognized and respected in the industry. It serves as a foundation for anyone who wants to further a career in network administration and security. All it takes its 2 years of experience to complete it. The best starting point for any career in the IT field.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification

CISSP is highly recognized globally and do attracts the highest-paid positions in the industry.  An advanced level certificate, vendor-neutral, the certificate validates your ability in the field of network security and it is mostly considered by many organizations as essential requirements in this field. If you want to advance rapidly in the IT security fields, being a CISSP professional is a must. To qualify for the exam, you need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience and knowledge in at least 2 of 8 common domains.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

To beat a hacker in the game, you must think like one, act like one and be one. This is why Ethical hackers also referred to as white hat Hacker will continue to be in popular demand as organizations strive to outsmart malicious hackers and take proactive measures to stop their activities. CEH is one of the oldest and most popular certifications essential if you want to a professional ethical hacker.  It certifies your competence in technical and nontechnical skills, techniques, and methodologies. CEH covers a five-day training course including a mimic of real-life scenarios after which exclam is written before certification.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Meant for those interested in taking managerial roles in enterprise security, CISM position you in high demand by those who recognize the worth of this certification. CISM professional proves your managerial, designing, implementation, and overseeing expertise and an in-depth understanding of organizational objectives in relation to security. The criteria include five years of experience as a security professional in any 2 of 8 common knowledge domains. CISM is however valid for 3 years and holders are expected to pay maintenance fees.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) 

 Well recognized and one of the most sought after certification, CISA is the standard for appraising auditor’s expertise and skills in detecting vulnerabilities and implementing IT controls at an enterprise level. It focuses on IT professionals specifically IT auditors, audit managers, and security experts. Criteria require candidates having 5 years of experience working in information technology. However, some education and experience criteria that can be replaced are permitted in auditing

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Written by Mayur Rele

Mayur Rele has global experience in managing and evangelizing products in hi-tech for technology companies, startups, and hyper growth companies. Mayur's areas of expertise are IT strategy, business development, and cybersecurity. He played a critical role in turning around IT functions, driving key engagements in the cybersecurity space. Mayur held key positions in IT, ecommerce and technology companies.


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